Technology Making A Difference

Radically improve your business results through the strategic use of leading edge technologies:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Enterprise, Web, Mobile Apps

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Machine Learning

Machine LearningMachine Learning is a method of data analysis that automates the disovery of business insights from data generated by your business

Automated Business Insights

If your business is generating any data, you have a potentially valuable asset that can drive valuable insights. These insights can help you uncover hidden costs savings, better target customers, and build better products and services.

We can help you quickly assess if your business can benefit from machine learning.

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Big Data

Big DataWith increasing automation comes increased data that can be an asset for your business. However, setting up your sytems to efficiently capture, store, and analyze this data is a daunting task

Data: An Undervalued Asset

Are you collecting the data that can make a difference? Are you leveraging the latest technologies that allow you to extract value from the data in a timely and cost effective basis?

We can help you quickly assess if your business can benefit from your data.

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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise ApplicationsBusinesses like yours have been automating operations and processes for decades. However, as your business changes and new technologies become available, regularly revisiting the appropriate marriage of business process and technology is smart business.

Optimize For Customer Value

Are your processes optimized for the greatest business advantage? Are you aware of the latest technological advances that can make a difference?

We can help you quickly assess if your business processes can be improved:

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Web/Mobile Apps

Web and Mobile AppsWeb and mobile applications have radically changed how companies serve their customers, putting the power in the hands of those most able to improve the customer experience: your customers and front line staff

The Customer Experience Edge

Are you using web and mobile technologies to empower your front line staff and customers? Are there opportunities you are missing by not enabling broader access to your systems?

We can help you quickly assess your use of mobile and web technologies:

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Rescue Your Project

Rescue Your ProjectSometimes your technology providers let you down or a business relationship doesn't work for one or the other partner. Making a timely decision to change providers is risky but often necessary.

The Right Business Partner

Are you unhappy with your current technology providers? Have you been left in the lurch? Having the right business partners is as important as having the right employees

Let us leverage our network to help you identify potential new partners to rescue your project:

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About Us

About UsLed by Alan McCann, with 25+ years of bringing leading edge technology to bear on business problems, iMcCann LLC is a team of top consultants focused on making your business more sucessful.

A Team Making A Difference

We build a bespoke team of battle-hardened, industry leading professionals to address your specific business problems.

  • Data Scientists
  • Big Data Architects
  • Enterprise, Web, and Mobile Application Developers
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Project Managers
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing

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